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'The Salamander Stone'









She's the girl-next-door, that long-legged pretty thing with the flowing auburn hair. A kind girl, always polite and unassuming. Nothing special. Just ordinary Amber Brigantia, a sixteen-year-old with boyfriends, music and maths tests in her head. Nothing more. 

But you're wrong. Beneath that enigmatic smile, that dismissive toss of her auburn hair, lie secrets long hidden which can be hidden no longer. The truth is out now, and the truth must be faced even though it hurts.  

She goes on the run, and they are all after her. Some to exploit her. Others to get her to lead them. And there are those, both of this world and the next, who are out to possess her - body and soul. 

So much depends on what she decides to do. Yet how can she decide when she doesn't even know what she feels? When she doesn't even know who she is? 



He met Amber when he was just a boy. He grew up with her. He learned to love her. She is the lost other half of his soul. There is no Khiza without her. There is no life without her.

But he is torn between the mission he's been given by his Guide, the Inyanga, and his love for the girl who is being stolen away from him

The thief had better beware. as it's dangerous to try to steal from Khiza. Beneath his humility, his bumbling clumsiness and deference, there lurks a power with ripping talons ready to strike. Wake that power, then stand back and watch as the world is racked by the shadow of the eagle's wing 

Yet raw power won't make Amber love him. And if he loses her, then he will remain forever just a 'foolish boy'. For there is no Khiza without her. There is no life without her. 



He hides his eyes for they tell tales. Look through them and into a world of animal brutality, sadism and death, where power is poised to wreak havoc.

And when the demon Azmodeus suckers onto his soul, then even time itself rocks in chaos. 

Yet seventeen year old Meshak has a better side, buried deep. And his connection with Amber could make a difference - if only her hold on him proves strong enough.

Or perhaps he'll just say 'to hell with it'. And his wet tongue will flit around cracked lips; his face will crease into a long, slow smile. He'll stretch and yawn luxuriously.


Then he'll rip apart his rival Khiza. 



Dr. Lawrence Pitt 
 Dr. Lawrence Pitt

It's all in the smile. It reeks charisma. And that smile proclaims that Dr. Pitt has got it all: suave good looks, an easy-going charm, a high status, successful position in life. He attracts adoration like a magnet ensuring worship wherever he walks.

Yet the talented Dr. Pitt wants more. He wants power - ultimate power. And he doesn't care how he gets it, for the end result will always justify the means. 

And if it takes sickeningly evil means to get what he wants, then he will do it, while he smiles and smiles in your face - yet remains a villain. 



 Mrs. Fedorowicz
She wants power. Yes. But she wants more than that.

Mrs. Bernadette Fedorowicz craves excitement - the excitement she gets from a perverted sadism which knows no bounds. She even relishes the pain and torment she causes 
her own son, Meshak. 

And she's clever and devious. She can play the power game with Pitt, and win. She can subdue Meshak and force him to her will. She can bide her time until the moment is right - for her. 

Yet for all her cleverness, Mrs Fedorowicz has missed something. There's someone out there she's overlooked - someone unexpected who is about to make her dance to a different tune. And this dance will really hurt.