This is the story of a girl, Amber Brigantia, who is given a necklace:

The Salamander Stone

"There in the centre of her palm lay the necklace. It was made of crystal, its hard sculpted surface depicting a perfectly formed little lizard. The lizard winked at her as it twisted between her fingers, and its scales glittered with a thousand red and gold beams arcing into the eye like frozen fire. She held it in the hollow of her hand feeling its heat and weight, and it sat in her palm as if it grew there, as if she and it were of one substance."


And so begins her extraordinary journey...

Her father's been murdered, her mother's in an asylum, and sixteen year old Amber Brigantia is incarcerated in a school with a deadly secret...

And it's all because of the Salamander Stone, for with it she's uncovered a conspiracy so earth-shattering it threatens life itself.

She's forced to go on the run, and everyone is after her: some for her power; some to make her their saviour; others out of twisted love or simple lust.

And then there's Azmodeus. The Salamander Stone attracts more than earthly evil. The demon is after her too, and what he wants is unspeakable.

Yet it's her own secret that shocks most. Who is Amber? And can she come to terms with her true identity in time to save herself as well as others? 

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'The Salamander Stone'